10 Mouth Watering Indian Food to be included in your Wedding Menu

10 Mouth Watering Indian Food to be included in your Wedding Menu

India is a multicultural identity. Indians can never get enough of countless scrumptious cuisines that come from all over the country. Even with high demand of Chinese food, Mexican food in restaurants and parties we look for the rich Indian flavours in Wedding Ceremonies and wedding menus. Caterers in India recognize the craving for Indian Food and bring forth mouth watering popular dishes in India. La Fiesta Caterers based in Kolkata having catered to multiple weddings of multiple cultures and religions is perfectly aware of the variety of Indian cuisines and uses it well. In the past few years of wedding catering services of La Fiesta Catering the well qualified and experienced Chefs and Kitchen team has always presented platters filled with flavours.

Indian weddings are thus a grand banquet for all the Indians and more than decoration, rituals, wedding looks people care about the food. And good Indian Food in the wedding menu is all you need to gratify all. La Fiesta in this blog shares 10 such purely Indian food items that can satisfy your guests with maximum joy:


Along with a coffee counter, a wedding catering may also include this forever popular item for the beverage section –

  1. Lassi / Thandai

Indians love it and especially people in the east and North West are crazy for it. A wedding menus in a wedding in Kolkata must have it for this upcoming season.


Street foods of India have a lot to offer for Starters. For the wedding menu we pick up the best for all age groups and satisfying for both vegetarians and non Vegetarians.

  • Kebabs / Chicken Tikka.
  • Paneer Tikka.
  • Crispy Corn.

These Indian Street foods are famous worldwide and are massively appreciated in wedding catering.

10 Mouth Watering Indian Food

Chaat Counter

Live chaat counters in Indian weddings has been trending for past 2-3 years. Such counters attract people and hand over a plate with captivating taste.

  • DahiBhalla.
  • Raj Kachori.

Such counters are easy and attractive stations for guests to satiate their appetite.

Main Course

For the main course, there are too many lip smacking Indian Food items that can fill the wedding menu with extreme delight. Wedding caterers in Kolkata bring forth a large range of such items on different occasions following the preferences and settings.

  • Butter Naan / Pulao
  • DaalMakkhani / Kadai Paneer / Mutton Korma.

These Mughlai items are not unique but mostly cherished in every wedding catering.

Accompanies and Desserts

Other than ice-cream, mixed salad and mustard sauce in the wedding catering, following a few special items can give a pleasing end to the celebration.

  • Rasmalai/ baked rasgulla
  • Kajukatli / GajarKahalwa / fruit raita.

Thus an Indian wedding can totally be carried out with Indian Food and delicacies. And in a way that is worth remembering.

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