An Extraordinary Wedding Menu of Lip-Smacking Flavors by La Fiesta

An Extraordinary Food Menu of Lip-smacking flavors by La Fiesta

Planning a wedding or going to plan a wedding in Kolkata? Confused with cost and arrangements; impression and safety? Well, La Fiesta blogs can release you from all your confusions and give you a clear picture of wedding catering in Kolkata. Weddings in India are grand by traditions. It is not limited to two people or two families but holds a celebration among near and dear ones. And this land with the belief of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, pleasing the guests and seeking their blessings remains the top most priority in our wedding catering. And as the city of joy is filled with diversity, people have different preferences, different likings and different set of attractions. But they cherish this diversity; not only in their lifestyle but in their celebrations. Thus, wedding menu in Kolkata is rather a mixture of flavors. Now people possess separate financial capacities but none is ready to compromise with the food quality in the ceremony. La Fiesta in the past few years has become a trustworthy name for wedding catering in Kolkata because of the professional support and service people receive from our team. Setting up the wedding menu does half the job. Master Chefs of la Fiesta are experienced and efficient in multi cuisine culinary arts. They possess greatest knowledge and expertise to design a wedding menu with a variety of flavors without hurting the budget of the client. La Fiesta’s low cost wedding menu brings affordable yet striking wedding platter of lip-smacking flavors for a wedding catering in Kolkata.

From pre-wedding to ‘bashi biye’ La Fiesta serves a complete wedding package that fits up from the beginning to a very happy ending.

Breakfast – the start is just a glimpse of everything. So it must be endowed with warmth and comfort in both taste and service.

  1. Luchi –hot and soft. Neither too oily nor too plain.
  2. Alu Phulkopi Matar Tarkari (yellow) – can be enjoyed by all age groups thoroughly with the just ratio of spices.
  3. Tea / Coffee
breakfast catering

Lunch –Bengalis happen to have a separate fan base for their traditional Bengali cuisine. So we try to present the evergreen delightful taste of Bengal in the Lunch.

  1. Steam Basmati –itself is simple but elegant.
  2. Veg moong Dal (phulkopi, Mattar, carrot, Beans) – totally proves that vegetables can definitely taste too good. And this special preparation goes damn well with steam rice.
  3. Jhuri aloo bhaja –is all time favorite in the traditional wedding menu
  4. Chachra –Another fascinating bong recipe with mixture of flavors.
  5. Katla kalia –the love for fish of bongs is rejuvenated.
  6. Tomato chutney & papad
  7. Rasgulla–the most popular Bengali sweet dish.
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Dinner Menu – And the show begins with this. Bengali weddings are glowing in the night. Everything shimmers and guests make it livelier. Wedding catering in Kolkata reflects the vibe pretty well.

Welcome Drinks –As most people carry out a journey and enter with an excitement the best way to welcome them is to first quench their thirst with soothing flavours like:

  1. Cola Shikhanji
  2. Virgin Mojito
  3. Virgin Pina Colada
  4. Chocolate milkshake
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Tea & Coffee (Sugar Cube separate) go alongside with the savoury items.

Appetizers Non-veg and veg –after quenching their thirst appetizers are best way to treat the tongue. All appetizers served hot and savoury deliver a great impression among guests.

  1. Murgh malai Tikka –this Mughlai dish is widely cherished in weddings leaving people craving for more.
  2. Creaole Fried fish –this item satiates all fish loving bongs with a unique taste and adds variety in the wedding menu.
  3. Paneer Shashlik – paneer is favourite of all irrespective of veg or non veg. But this definitely would be a delightful snack to vegetarians.
  4. Cheese & corn Croquettes –those who do not enjoy too much spice are to be taken care of too. And this item can do the job well.

Soup – La Fiesta attempts to access everyone with everything. We provide the soups so that people not preferring rich tastes can be fed well too. Both for Vegetarians and Non vegetarians.

  1. Chicken Sweet corn soup
  2. Cream of tomato Soup with Croutons

Salad – la Fiesta denies to compromise with small details without which platter is incomplete. Thus we present salad and other small delights in attracting ways.

  1. Fresh Green salad
  2. Russian Salad
  3. Boondi Raita
  4. Achar / Papad / Khejur Amsatta Chutney

Main Course Veg – In most wedding catering in Kolkatawedding platter is designed in a way that does injustice with the vegetarians. But we tend to keep a special wedding menu for Vegetarians that doesn’t fall short in taste –

  1. Karashuti kachori (small size with enough stuffing)
  2. Banarasi aloo dum
  3. Butter Naan & Garlic Naan
  4. Dal Bukhara
  5. Paneer Pasanda (Dry)
  6. Steam basmati Rice
  7. Veg Pulao
  8. Veg Takatin
  9. Paneer Tikka Lababdar
Green Salad with Chicken, Chutney and Papad

Main Course Non-veg – La Fiesta is well renowned for its special Non-Veg dishes and variety of flavours. Fish, Chicken and Mutton – each item is prepared posing a separate taste and each is equally treated and enjoyed with rice or Pulao.

  1. Karashuti kachori (small size with enough stuffing)
  2. Banarasi aloo dum
  3. Butter Naan & Garlic Naan
  4. Dal Bukhara
  5. Grilled Fish with lemon butter sauce (Live)
  6. Steam basmati Rice
  7. Zafrani Pulao
  8. Chicken tikka lababdar
  9. Mutton Rogan Josh

 Dessert – all is well if end is well. And when the land itself is the sweet hub of the nation then the expectations remain high. Winter is best for sweet dishes as of the variety of sweets including all sorts of dry and juicy preparations with milk or nolen gur or both.

  1. Hot Nolen gur Makha sandesh
  2. Kesar Jalebi with rabri
  3. Hot Gulab jamun

Banarasi paan Counter – a live Counter of Paan is attractive to most adults and finishes the series with equal enjoyment.

Paan Corner

And the entire arrangement considers the post Pandemic situation pretty seriously and follows all due necessary actions.

  1. 250 ml water bottle to each guest.
  2. Extra Masks for guests to be kept ready
  3. Body temperature to be checked for all staff and recorded
  4. All guests to be provided with hand sanitizer before meal
  5. All serving and kitchen staffs to wear disposable gloves throughout the service
  6. All serving and kitchen staffs to wear face mask throughout the service
  7. Clearance staffs must be proactive in clearing used plates from the tables and must sanitize the table for the next guests
  8. At all points guests should be served with all foods items
  9. 1 sanitizer spray with snacks trolley & 1 sanitizers spray with coffee & Tea counter

Each and every item is cooked and served by our professional staff. Having uncommon skills and experience in the wedding industry and making our own name, we have realized the emotions and risks behind every successful event. La Fiesta Catering team with professional’s chefs and trained staff understand the various requirements of clients and their limitations with finances. So we customize our low cost wedding menu as per the budget. But what we never customize is the hospitality. Each and every ceremony matters to us and our team is well aware of their responsibilities.

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