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Bengalis are intense foodies and Bengali Wedding Menus are like emotions. Bengali Wedding Menus can be simply traditional or stylishly continental. But one thing is for sure, it must be diverse and food items have to be lip-smacking.

Food is anyway the core of attraction of any kind of ceremony. And one must be aware of the excellence of services that can be provided, before hiring a catering company. The Caterers of Kolkata, are however much experienced and cater to an event according to the occasions and expectations of people.

La Fiesta Catering can arrange a best bengali wedding menu for your wedding uniquely into a platter of delight by customising the menu card appropriately for the event and taking care of every range of guests. It has a very efficient team of professional chefs who have served in Taj Bengal and other eminent places. Consequently, they have immense knowledge over the suitability of certain food items for a certain occasion. Hence, La Fiesta provides a range of diverse options on which we are experts on catering as per taste and Arrangements, getting you the best possible experience in your budget and never letting you down.

 All our services are provided in a justified range given the quality of our teamwork. In the words of Mr Ronit Sutradhar “Anything that exceeds your expectations at a particular time will be Spectacular to you. La Fiesta Catering Services is a one-stop ecstasy for all your arrangements for a mouth smacking as well as satisfying Party/marriage/any occasional Stuffs at a pretty reasonable price.”

wedding menu

Here we present a most coveted, traditional Bengali Wedding Menu:


It is hard to find complete vegetarians in the heart of this city. But the meat lovers here are also a fan of Bengali vegetarian dishes. Plus, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can enjoy such food.

Vegetable Pakodas – Made with seasonal vegetables like cauliflower, onion, potatoes, fried and served hot in several Bengali Weddings and can be cherished by all.

Paneer Pakodas – It is probably the best veg option all over India. Battered and fried with a little spice makes an awesome preparation with the item.


Fish Cutlet – Bengalis and Fish go hand in hand. Caterers being well aware of this traditional forever love of Bengalis with Fish, are in a constant effort of presenting the popular dishes of Bengalis in a delicious way. Fish Cutlet is one such forever lovable item that Bengalis can not resist.

Chicken Lollipop – Another great choice for appetizers on the Bengali wedding menu.


Dahi Vada or Doi Bora – A popular street food that Bengalis cherish. Most common after Fuchka and involves multiple flavours. It is equally crispy and juicy, spicy and sour and sweet.

main course in wedding menu


Luchi – Plain, puffed piece of flour made fried bread that is soft and served hot and fresh with a curry.

Kashmiri Dum Aloo – one of the tastiest Dum Aloo preparations, that has the proper balance of flavours; not too spicy and not too sweet.

Jeera Rice – it is a simple form of Rice. Bengalis have a special corner for Rice, unlike other Northern and Western States. All sorts of pure Bengali events have to have a format of rice.

Dhokar Dalna – It is made from spiced channa dal koftas or lentil cakes that are fried and then soaked in curry with onions, tomatoes and coconut. It is a Traditional Bengali food item served particularly in Bengali events.

Chhanar Dalna – A dish prepared with Chhana being mixed with Bengali spices and served as curry. It is also a popular Bengali dish.


Biryani/ Fried Rice – depending upon the choice of the client.

Vetkir Paturi – Another mouth-watering and much-coveted fish preparation. Traditional in Bengal. The presence of a food item like this truly brings the Bengali essence to its best.

Mutton Chap – who doesn’t love mutton? A properly cooked, spicy piece of meat with a lip-smacking flavour of the curry can make anyone go excited.



This item is devoted to Bengali Dessert options. Generally sweet in taste, it can be made of several fruits or one fruit only.

Mango Chutney – mostly enjoyed in summer, as it is the seasonal fruit.

misthi for bengali wedding menu


While Bengal and Kolkata are famous for sweets, Caterers and Catering companies in Kolkata bring forth numerous items in this dessert section. Bengali events have to have mishtis.

Rasagolla – an evergreen sweet item of Bengal that has become symbolic of Bengali Celebrations.

Mishti Doi – Another traditional food item. Best in its authentic sweet format.

Driven by our Food Services, one of our customers Soumya Basak says “I truly recommend La Fiesta for any occasion. Their service is truly commendable. The way they organize the entire food arrangements is awesome and the food quality of each and every item is delicious. So just blindly go for La fiesta without any hesitation. Thanks for the awesome service.”

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