Best Wedding Caterers in Kolkata

best caterers in kolkata

Quality food, customer service, relationships, professional behavior, respect for catering, redefining the kitchen – these are some of the reasons that inspired me to realize my vision. And I must say that this reflection is the culture of the company and will help build its reputation.

Since we started our business as a restaurant in Kolkata, we only thought of serving people with a sincere heart and then serving them professionally. Because we believe that any service provider who has no compassion for his customers cannot be treated professionally. Our way of thinking may not suit many people, but time has shown that we were right in the thought process, which has led us to where we are today. Anyone connected to the world of catering or looking for the best in catering has La Fiesta Catering Services at the top of their list.

However, it is not easy for us to reach the position of the best wedding caterers in Kolkata. We take great care to ensure that your wedding guests will forget many details after the reception, but the two things they continue to discuss are our great food and catering service. For this reason, it makes sense for the catering industry to focus on extensive energy planning for food and beverage, but at the same time on service and reception atmosphere.

best wedding catering services

So today, in this particular section, we’re going to share some of my sensible tips to help you plan your affair from paper cups to dessert.

Before you meet and complete the catering, you and your family should discuss the level of formality and comfort you want for your reception. Whether your dream, wedding is a spectacular party or an intimate event, the best wedding caterers work as innovative planners. Chefs, designers, and staff will be there to make sure everything is perfect and unique.

The catering staff must be neat and well trained. With this in mind, we recommend that waiters take a perfect and comprehensive etiquette class to cater to their guests at important events like weddings. To apply some of these rules, we follow:


This saves a lot of travel time, especially when processing multiple wedding tables. Personally, I think catering companies need to measure the character and mentality of each waiter. So we’re certainly not going to burden the waiter with a little attention on the many attendees. There’s nothing worse than placing the wrong order on the event table. They are expected to execute orders quickly and always with a smile.


A politely, friendly, and genuine welcome, that takes waiting for guests to a whole new level. It goes without saying that the waiters should be polite and treat the guests. We always train our staff that it is important to present yourself as a guest waiter as a means to increase politeness when serving a certain group of diners or a certain table of guests. Waiters also need to contact some guests if they are a little confused about food choices. This ability to help guests is sure to make them appreciate and recommend additional restaurants.

Dress appropriately

Donning is one of the unspoken metrics used to measure waiters and catering establishments. As a renowned catering company, we ensure that the waiters are well dressed and presented to meet the highest quality standards of the food department. The dress code must also match the interior design.

Gastronomy is a versatile workplace so only your best services will be remembered. Service providers must remember that catering is more than just putting food on a plate. It’s also about getting through stressful situations, planning for the unexpected, and above all – dealing with events like yours.

Hopefully, our experience will help you choose the best wedding caterers in Kolkata. Look forward to bringing more such stories to enrich your mind.

January 2024