Catering Ideas for Budget-Friendly Party in Summer

Catering Ideas for Budget-Friendly Party in Summer

Summer is the most vibrant of all seasons. Especially in Kolkata, it creates a sunny, sportive mood among all. This season in Bengal auspicates several festivals. Kids have their summer holidays and parents need a fun break from their busy work schedule.  Thus naturally, they want to spend a day enjoying an outdoor party or throw an indoor get-together to cherish the season.

A metropolitan city like Kolkata has several outdoor stations with luxurious facilities to accommodate a pleasant party or event on these summer days. La Fiesta Catering, as one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata, has experience in arranging amazing summer parties and events and we now give you simple yet strong catering ideas to boost the enjoyment of your summer event.

La Fiesta Catering, as one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata, has experience in arranging amazing summer parties and events..

Rely on Season based Food Items

Summer is love for major three reasons – Mangoes, Watermelon and Kulfi. Not only are they cherished but also are cheap in this season. La Fiesta, as the Best Catering Service Provider in Kolkata, suggests using these widespread food items in your event developing a cost-effective yet lovable menu. Several preparations of mangoes can be included to go as appetizers and kids anyway are fond of ice-creams.

Cut out Service Cost

Best Caterers in Kolkata usually advise organizing a self-serve buffet system that may do savings on both service cost of stuff and unnecessary wastage of food. Setting up a few buffets at a table will do enough to facilitate guests picking up whatever they want from time to time.

Pool Party with Scrumptious Appetizers

On a hot summer day, nothing can be as entertaining and soothing as a wide pool, favorite people, and mouth-watering dishes. When a party holds itself in and around a pool… small, crunchy, hot food items work best. Shrimp Balls, French Fries, Fish Fries, Smoked Brisket Sandwiches, Barbecued Chicken are some brilliant dishes served by La Fiesta – the Best Catering Service Provider in Kolkata. Guests love them and inviters prefer them as they don’t pinch in the pocket.

Choose Simple Cuisines for Main Course

La Fiesta conversing with Best Caterers in Kolkata has known that people usually afford one cuisine in summer parties for the main course. And Indian cuisine is widely preferred with simple rice and vegetable preparations, Bengali Sweet dishes, and other non-veg dishes.

Be Selective with Guests

As summer parties are usually entertaining, people tend to get the most out of them. Stretching your guest list isn’t a great idea because the requirement of food will also stretch eventually. Though having seasonal food items can cut out your cost but fresh food items if not conceived whole may lead to wastage if all the guests don’t come. So, limiting the food quantity is an ultimate wise option to throw a summer party within Budget.

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