Catering Ideas to Organise a Hassle-free Birthday Party

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Birthday parties can seem to be simple and quick to plan as they do not require any grandiose decoration or ritual arrangements but when it comes to food, one must make out that both children and adults need to be taken care of while deciding the menu, keeping variety in food items. Depending on the number of invitees you want to have, you can arrange a small, intimate celebration or opt for a Big Birthday Bash. Best Caterers in Kolkata have seen that usually, people throw a big party, hiring a grand hall when it comes to milestone age circle, as 5 your birthday party, 16-year birthday party or even 50th birthday party.

Now, if your child is below 10-year-old, you may arrange a more kid-centric fun party and if you want to throw a birthday bash for a teenager it should be more like an intermediate transition from a kids’ party to an adult one. Birthday parties are not only limited to the below 20 age group. It can be 30th birthday, 50th birthday, or even a 70th birthday bash. And in each one arrangement need to be done differently. While the 30th birthday bash is a more adult celebration with a bit bold arrangement preferring Mughlai and Chinese cuisines usually; 50th and 70th birthday parties should comfort elderly people by its range of composition and management regarding the catering service.

La Fiesta as a leading Catering Service in Kolkata has had the opportunities to serve in each kind and range of birthday parties.

Here are some tips from the Best Caterers in Kolkata in organizing a hassle-free birthday party.

  • Food Items: If it is a kid-centric birthday bash, Best Caterers in Kolkata always suggest having at least 3 to 4 finger foods like simple cupcakes or chocolate-dipped cupcakes, crunchy dishes like crispy fries, chicken nuggets which are always their favorite. You can also set a large bowl of toffees, available to all children grabbing as much as they want; such fun always enhances the impression of the event. Some drinks and chips also go pretty well along. As you organize birthday parties for adult ones, food items need to be selected in a way to satisfy both veg and non-veg invitees. More Western dishes like smoothies, cocktails are usually preferred in young men and women. As for elders’ food should be equally light and enjoyable. The amount of space is something to be balanced. Little sweet dishes bring mod joy to the event.
  • Food Stations: When hosting a function like a birthday, having separate food stations at several locations in the periphery of a hall or garden goes well with the ambiance. La Fiesta team would prefer to use space, distributing the platters throughout for kids to pick up one and go for whatever catches them instantly. It has served on many birthdays and now estimated as one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata. A fun station is a center of attraction at a birthday party for kids and even elderly people, where mini-games can win them toffees or other interesting foodstuff or other gifts.
  • Arrangement and Serving: In Birthdays, especially for kids, a buffer system is not usually seen in arranging for the main course. Sitting arrangement is mostly preferred. Moreover, proper shelter can be needed based on the time and venue of the party. With years of Catering Service in Kolkata, we have seen how kids usually run all over the space. So, we suggest an artificial grass lawn setup. As enjoyment with safety and comfort makes an event successful.

La Fiesta Catering Service in Kolkata takes care of these requirements and work accordingly to keep it fun-filled and pleasant.

January 2024