Choose Your Top 10 Summer Wedding Dishes With La Fiesta Caterings

choose your top 10 summer wedding dishes with la fiesta caterings

Hey Guys! Best Wishes on your Summer Wedding from La Fiesta Catering Services! Take all the advantages of the summer season on your wedding menu with La Fiesta’s special summer wedding menu. Summer is the season of relaxation, enjoyment, and delicious seasonal foods. You have chosen the blissful time for your wedding so take all the upper hand of the summer. Make some mouth refreshing changes to your wedding menu with the help of the best catering service in Kolkata. The season summer offers you loads of fresh products, seafood, and vegetables with sunny weather, the gentle backdrop for welcoming guests. So pick out the top 10 summer wedding dishes to make your special day remarkable. 

La Fiesta is one of the best catering services in Kolkata for the last twelve years. Under the budget for your wedding catering, you can have all the dishes by your own choice. Yes, Foodies! You are listening right. Here you will get all the edges of customizing your wedding menu that will be prepared by our experts. So what are you thinking now?.  Let us discuss our summer wedding menu that fully fits the season.

Welcome Drinks

In summer cold welcoming drinks are the best option for your tired heavy dressed guests. It cools your soul and tummy and makes you ready for a heavy lunch or dinner. There would be variable options while choosing the welcome drink for your summer wedding menu. Purple Delight, Kiwi Daiquiri, Humpty Dumpty, and many other drinks will be available at the mocktail corner of your wedding. You can easily have some customization without changing the original taste. 

Dahi Valla

Dahi Bhalla is a completely mouth-watering summer seasonal chat that can be perfect for your wedding menu during the scorching summer. It is made of yogurt that helps to digest. It is cooked without oil and spices by our Chat special chef. It is especially famous in south India and nowadays throughout Asia. So without a second thought, you can pick this item for your wedding day.

best catering service in kolkata
best catering service in kolkata


There is an eternal relationship between fuchka and Bengalis. India calls it panipuri whereas Bengalis call it fuchka. It is the best choice for your wedding chat during the summer. A heavenly combination of lemon, tamarind, chat masala, and many more ingredients made Bengalis mad for it. It is perhaps the emotion. So for your guests, it must be on your wedding menu. During summer Fuchka is the best idea that can make your special day more special with positive comments from your guests. That is the rarest thing about Indian weddings.

Veg Dimsum

In the appetizer portion of appetizer, do some changes according to season. As it is the season of summer and summer means indigestion so keep something healthy on your wedding menu with  La Fiesta. In Veg DimSum there will be a completely healthy and tasty combo of carrot and beetroot. It is a fusional customized dish of La Fiesta that is enough to make your moments memorable. Grab our summer special wedding dishes to see the smiling faces of your special guests.

Parsley Fish Tikka Hariyali

If it is a question of non-veg appetizer, then go for Parsley fish tikka hariyali. Chicken and Mutton dishes are common cuisines during the wedding ceremony. And if there is a question of summer seasonal wedding then fish tikka made with greenery will always be healthy as well as mouth-watering. 


Different types of fruit salad that keep a proper diet with heavy food is always a top pick up during summer days. You can choose salads from our variety of fruit and vegetable salads and you may also keep different types of salads in a court. So if you have planned your wedding yet then do not waste your valuable time while choosing the wedding catering service and contact La Fiesta, the best catering service in Kolkata.

Bhapa Bhetki

If it is the question of originality, a Bengali wedding is incomplete without Bhapa Bhetki or Bhetki Paturi. We use original Bhetki Fish that will not harm your tummy and apart this will give you a Bengali feeling while dining out. As a starter, it is perhaps one of the best menus that can easily satisfy your guests’ cravings. Have not booked your wedding planner yet? Come and get your summer wedding ideas from our expert consultants.

Dal Makhani

It is completely a Punjabi dish that maintains the protein balance. Using whole black lentils and kidney beans this cuisine keeps the complete authenticity of north India. For a summer wedding dish, it suits completely by keeping its healthy and tasty feel.

Green Chutney

Now coming to the condiments portion, Green chutney with variable seasonal fruits or mango slices is gonna be the best selection for your wedding menu. La Fiesta catering service is serving its best to the customers with the magical touch of experienced chefs. You have all the opportunities to satisfy your guests with the best catering service in your city.


RasGulla Sweet Food

A summer wedding is incomplete without ice cream and delicious Bengali sweets. If it will be a live ice cream parlor containing dub malai ice cream and many more or baked, chocolate rasgulla then there is no doubt that your guests will be the happiest guests ever. Customized live ice cream corner is the specialty of La Fiesta. Bengali fresh sweets along with flavorsome ice creams are really like water in the desert. So without wasting time come and book your date and enjoy your D day with the best catering service in Kolkata.

La Fiesta Caterings is always standing at your hospitality and you can have enough time to enjoy every single moment during the wedding ceremony. Flash out your worries and contact us for the best catering service near you.

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