Difference Between an Experienced Catering Service and a New Catering Service

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You all know that food and service are two of the most important factors that can either make or break the success of the event. If the food is bad or even mediocre people will get a chance to talk. On the other hand, if the food is exceptionally good still they will talk but on a good note. People will always remember the variety and taste of food for years to come. It, therefore, becomes important to hire the services of best caterers in Kolkata.

Experienced Caterers in Kolkata

Sometimes you may be wondering that hiring the services of professional caterers may cost a bomb, so why not opt for caterers who offer affordable services. The catering company that offers affordable services may be a relatively new company that wants to make its name in the market. It’s doesn’t mean that such catering companies may not be able to provide efficient services, but you never know if they will be able to deliver in case of emergencies. Well, there’s a huge difference between top caterers in Kolkata and a new catering service provider. Outlined below are some factors that can help to understand between an experience and a relatively new company.

  1. Experienced cook: The experienced caterers have the right cook and staff working for them for years. This means they exactly know how much to cook for a large number of crowd and how to serve them. The experienced caterers have professional cooks who have been cooking for years and managing a large crowd during the events. The cooks exactly know what ingredients to purchase, how much to purchase, what ingredients to use, and lots more. This is where the new catering company can goof up, you don’t want any problems at the time of the event.
  2. Quality of the cutlery: This is one of the places where the new company can save its cost and provide affordable services.Best wedding catering services in Kolkata have a set of quality cutlery that looks and feels good. The cutlery is the first thing that the guests notice and as you know the first impression is the last, it becomes important to have the right set of cutleries. Just by the looks of the cutlery, some people can assume the quality of the caterer and it can become a point of the talk.
  3. Emergencies: During the time of events, emergencies can come announced. There can be a surge in the numbers of expected guests, the sweets and foods can fall short, etc. The question here is will the new catering company able to stand up during such emergencies. Will they be able to foresee the problem and resolve the issue in time. The experienced caterers have gone through such emergencies numerous times so they have exactly know how to handle such situations efficiently. They also have contacts with the right vendors near the wedding location that can help them in case of emergencies.     
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Besides this, the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata hire professional staff that makes the guests comfortable by serving them the food proficiently. The quality of the linens, the food décor, ambiance décor, etc. also makes a lot of difference in the presentation of the food. This is where the experienced caterers score over the new companies.

May 2024