Effective Tips on Managing Catering Staff

Food and beverages play an important role in the success of any event of any size. Running a successful catering business is more about just serving quality and mouth-watering food, it requires proper organization and management skills. Besides this, if you really want to excel and give a tough competition to best caterers in Kolkata then it becomes extremely important to hire the right staff and most importantly manage them efficiently. Outlined below are some helpful and effective tips on managing your catering staff and prepare them for events of any size.

  1. Training of the staff is important: It is not necessary that your catering staff will have experience and even if they do, it is necessary to provide them with appropriate training. This will ensure that they are providing the services that are expected from them. Catering services for wedding and catering services for birthday parties have a huge difference i.e. in terms of size of the event, menu grid, cutlery, etc. So it’s important to train your staff based on different types of events. You can start the training of your staff with a basic course on personal and food hygiene followed by food and health safety, cleaning practices, etc. Once the foundation is clear, you can then train them for handling and serving different types of food items and beverages. These small and simple steps ensure quality mentoring that is very important for the success of the company.
  2. Know and understand your staff: Getting to know your staff helps you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the catering staff. This can help you to set the roles of the staff as per their strengths and it can prove to be beneficial for both them and the business.
  3. Importance of preparing a rush strategy: In any event be it large or small there will be a moment where a huge chunk of people will crowd the food counters or the bar counter. Rushes can happen anytime during the event and being prepared for the same by formulating a strategy is advisable. For example, you can keep some extra catering staff during peak hours and cut them as the crowd moves out. The efficient management of catering staff will ensure the best catering service in Kolkata to the guests which can add to the goodwill of your company.
  4. Being a good team leader: Leading from the front sets an example and motivates the catering staff to work harder. So as a leader it is important that you are always on time and are the last one to leave. Besides this, in order to be a good team leader, you should respect every member of the team, must not enforce your will on the staff, should reward your team, should not take credit for team results, etc.

If you implement the top four points of managing the catering staff, then you can surely see positive results in terms of staff performance which can definitely prove to be the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata.

January 2024