Enjoy A Special Menu in This Durga Puja with La Fiesta Catering

durga puja menu

Hardly a month from now and Durga Pujo, the Biggest Festival in Bengal would be knocking at the doors of all the bongs. Lucky are those who get to witness the celebration of this festival in the city of joy for the 5 festive days. These 5 days may seem small but the Kolkatans wait for a whole year to get back this time again. The Pujo days are all about new clothes, new looks, pandal hopping, amazing food, and a good time with friends and family. This festive doesn’t pose any kind of restriction in terms of food or dressing or travelling. Instead, it receives every person with similar enthusiasm and brings the communities together. Thus, the taste of Bengal is best enjoyed in these 5 days. From Bonedi Baroari Pujo, every attempt has its unique style of celebration which tune in with a single rhythm – Lip-smacking Bengali food. The Best Caterers in Kolkata who know how to present the essence of Bengal are in a constant effort of making the special days even more special.

Be it a Bonedi Bari bhuribhoj or Baroari feast or even a family celebration, La Fiesta shares the all-time favourites of bongs in these five days.

Enjoy A Special Menu in This Durga Puja with La Fiesta Catering

Pujo Special Breakfast

  • Koraishutir Kochuri & Alur Dom – Soft, round, puffy piece of bread that is stuffed with green peas and a bit of spice and hing, when deep-fried and served hot leaves, everyone craving for more and more. The dry, Spicy preparation of Alur Dom completes the taste. When this combination is tasted, it is bound to be repeated again and again. This is the reason; the Best Caterers in Kolkata tend to bring this flavour most.
  • Luchi and Hing er Alu Chochhori – Though it is a simpler form of breakfast than the previous it is cherished equally well. The flavour of asafoetida along with the softness of potato blends incredibly well with the popular ‘Fulko Luchi’.

Festive Lunch

Veg: –

  • Khichuri with Beguni and Labra and Tomato Chatni – This is the widely preferred Hindu festive blog platter that tastes better in pandals and gatherings than in a small get together. Nobody can explain how it holds such celebration touch with increasing demand day by day or better say, year by year. Khichuri is basically a preparation of rice and lentils but when some peas, pieces of carrots, bins are added, it takes the taste to another level. But this preparation ought to have a side dish. Battered and fried eggplant strips work as a crispy, juicy companion to it. And the Best Catering Service in Kolkata also includes the most traditional partner of Khichuri is the Labra – a mixed vegetable dish with a myriad of vegetables like eggplants (brinjal), spinach, beans, pumpkin, cauliflower, etc. Sweet potatoes and radish are mandatory in it.
  • Rice with Daal, Jhiri jhiri Alubhaja, Doi Fulkopi – it can be said as another favourite plate on a bong occasion. The speciality of Bengal is even without a minute touch of non-veg, a simple veg platter can also win hearts equally well like a plate full of Spicy Non-veg items. Rice, Daal and Alubhaja can be seen in any Bengali Catering. Doi Fulkopi as the name suggests is preparing the cauliflower in small pieces, flavoured with yoghurt, a pinch of spices and other vegetables.


  • Ilish Polao – Polao being the yellow sweet version of rice, prepared with Bengal’s Fish queen Hilsa is not a regular dish and must be prepared well. La Fiesta as one of the Best Caterers in Kolkata always tries to present the un presented. Their experienced and efficient Chefs team handle a menu with quite details and unique Flavours.
  • Rice, Maacher Matha diye Daal, Doi Katla, Pabdar Jhol – All the bongs love to fish. Nobody in Bengal can stay away from this combo. Those who tasted will know how heavenly is the preparation of Lentil with Fishhead. Diversity is added with Two sorts of fish cooked in separate two forms of flavours.

Non-Veg Dinner

  • Fried Rice, Chicken Chaap and Mutton Rezala – As there are no bounds to this festive pose, people enjoy as much as non-veg as they can in these 5 days. Giving the Best Catering Service in Kolkata, La Fiestaprofessionally serves this platter in numerous functions which receive major accolades from the guests.
  • Mutton Biryani, Fish Batter Fry – Again another widely tasted non-veg dish. Most people in the festive days prefer to cherish these by going to a restaurant with their loved ones. La Fiesta is all set to bring the mouth-watering Restaurant dishes to your place when you hardly want to leave the celebratory atmosphere.


  • Nolen Gurer Payesh – A typically Bengali sweet dish prepared with rice, milk and Jaggery. This dish is mostly enjoyed in winter as it is the season of Nolen Gur. Other sorts of sweet items are also made with it.
  • Rasagolla and Mishti Doi – Bongs and Mishti Doi are like bees and honey. Say Kolkata anywhere in the world and what would resonate in return is Mishti. How can the biggest festive of this city not have the best Mishti?
  • Aam Doi and Aam Sandesh – Mostly seen in the season of Summer rather than in the season of Mango. But it can be enjoyed at any place on any occasion irrespective of time.
  • Kesar Pista Kulfi Icecream – From 5 to 50, everyone enjoys ice cream. And they have to enjoy this when it’s Pujo time. According to the Best Caterers in Kolkata Kesar Pista flavour is undoubtedly the best of all flavours to enlighten the festive mood.

Hope you can celebrate the special days with your special ones having the best of meals.

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