Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Reception Catering

Wedding 2021 is mostly about bridging the gaps of 2020. With a little loosening of all restrictions imposed in the previous year, city of joy is again up onto the celebrations of winter. This wedding season, people are ready to reunite showering good wishes for brides and grooms. And celebrations demand good food and impressive catering arrangements. If you are someone looking for answers about your queries on Wedding Catering and Reception Catering, and then La Fiesta brings an easy guideline for you. This wedding season can be yours with an extraordinary celebration night and your guests can enjoy a delicious event with amazing culinary experience.

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Things you need to know before deciding Reception Party Catering

  • Estimated cost: Every appreciated wedding catering company is well detailed about the range of cost as per food preferences and number of guests. La Fiesta Catering team provides its clients with a clear picture of the estimated cost and also helps them modify their choices so that it becomes easy for them to decide.
  • Food Quantity: Laymen may be absolutely unknown about how much food and food items needed for a large number of people but experienced caterers like La Fiesta always have an exact rough idea of the quantity required for a number of guests in a reception party.
  • What a Caterer provides: These services vary from business to business but a good wedding catering company would definitely take the responsibilities of food arrangements, table settings and should also be properly equipped with spoons, ladles, tongs etc. If approached a good caterer for your reception, they will also provide silverware, plates, napkins etc.
  • Experience with the Venue: Instead of directly asking about a venue try questioning them what venues they have catered to or they consider best for wedding catering or reception catering. In this way, you can get to know their comfort zones and also know more about places.
  • Style of Cooking: Well, a reputed catering company would be skilled in all sort of cooking styles yet knowing about their specialties is better. Best way to this is to check the reviews on their site. La Fiesta Catering team is however efficient and experienced in both traditional Indian and continental culinary services. Apart from being best at Bengali and other popular Indian cuisines, the team also presents Mediterranean, Chinese and other continental dishes with great expertise. You can choose for a specific style or La Fiesta can guide you to make the best combination of each.

Things you need to decide specifically as per your requirements

  • Set a Budget: Drafting a budget is most important. It helps you distribute your estimated expenditure according to priorities. Stick to your budget. If necessary modify the number of guests or number of events. But never compromise with the quality. Many a times, people throw one grand wedding reception catering after wedding or skip unnecessary large arrangements for Mehendi or Sangeet.
  • Catering Style: Four dominant catering styles are present. You can choose or incorporate each into your wedding or reception party. Plated Meal is the traditional and most comfortable arrangement especially for elderlies. On the other hand, Buffet system is on the trend over the past few years. Food Counters are another set of attraction to people. Food items such as barbecues, baked rosogolla served hot and live win hearts in this winter.
  • Menu covering all Dietary Requirements: Separate age group love separate foods. Plus, there should be enough to cherish for a vegetarian. Decide for a menu that satisfies all these variation in tastes. La Fiesta Chefs having a great experience can help you with that keeping in mind about your budget.

Wedding Catering services of Kolkata have always been up to the mark. The expert caterers of this city have been putting efforts to bring the international quality standards with the very desi core of their services. La Fiesta Chefs having served in the Taj Bengal and catering multiple ceremonies afterwards gathered experience, fame and superiority in the catering service Kolkata. This wedding season, team La Fiesta is all set to achieve new standards of quality service and culinary experience.

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