Food bloggers (Panch phoron) meet at Sultan Restaurant

When it comes to Mughlai cuisine or North Indian cuisine Sultan is one of the best restaurant that has been catering customers for quite sometime in the city, The specialities that we can recommend you for your special dinner or lunch if you are planning anytime sooner are going to be described in our content here, Mughlai or Awadhi cuisine that needs special attention in terms of freshest ingredients and authentic cooking method, Sultan follows exactly the same to maintain the real taste of delicacies from the land of Sultan

We invited few famous food bloggers of kolkata for a food bloggers meet event and in the service we dish out few of our signature dishes to them

The famous food bloggers “Panch Phoron” came to Sultan, Restaurant and We set this menu for them, We offered them “Roohafja Lemonade” the most refreshing drink from our menu,  in the menu that we prepared for them, there were 2 of our signature kababs, “Murgh tulsi tikka” & ” Murgh Firangi Kabab”, along with that we served them “Ghosth Galwat Kebab” (Mutton galauti kabab) and in vegetarian option there was “Ajwani Paneer Tikka for them”

For the main course we served them both plain and “Galic Naan” along with mix vegetable north Indian preparation “Mix veg Takatin”, in chicken side dish there was “Murgh Badhami” the creamy succulent boneless chicken preparation along with almond flakes drizzled on it, next what we served them was our “Ghoshth Biryani” the subtle awadhi style mutton biryani ,The Best biryani you can vouch for in the city of  joy Kolkata, to complement the Biryani we served them “Murgh Chaap”, the most coveted dish of kolkata chicken chaap again to say the best Chicken or Mutton Chaap you can get in kolkata at Sultan

Last but not the list in sweet dish we had served them “Shahi Tukra” this can also be called “double ka Mithai” the famous mughlai dessert that is prepared with bread and condensed milk

We are looking forward to your visit at our restaurant Sultan

Expect only the best Awadhi / Mughlai of Kolkata at Sultan restaurant

To read more about the food from the Famous Food blogger Tanmay Basak please follow the link bellow

Awadhi aromas come alive at Sultan



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May 2024