Gourmet caterings ideas in your Outdoor Wedding reception to delight your guests

Deciding upon outdoor wedding reception food ideas, the food service style does not get much acknowledgment, Right food service style can elevate your wedding reception to a new heights, In the year 2017 we have more room for customization, creativity and modernization than traditional & sacred meal, The celebratory meal has to be the most memorable aspect of the day thus it has to be given the required attention and planning

Eat, Drink & be married, Every couple want their wedding to be unique and most talked about, Guests might forget the decoration, the gifts, the couple’s attire but they will never forget the kind of delicacies they had in the wedding,  Gone are the days when wedding Menu used to consist of Masala tea/ coffee, Dal, roti, pulao, navratan korma and mutton kasa, Now is the focus is more on presentation and the style of service, So wedding reception food & drinks has to be the talk of the town for making the wedding the talk of the town

Trending ideas for food service:

Personalized Cocktail or Mocktail Bar-

Let your guests experiment with their own concoction, you can also keep the traditional drinks like Gandharaj ghol/chaach, Daab shikhanji alongside the international mixes, there has to be some bar tricks and fairings for your guests to enjoy


Fusion appetizers –

Let there Fusion kababs like “Firangi kabab” or “Murgh Tulsi Tikka” from the Sultan, Restaurant or Cocktail “Fish cordobleu” to “Vodka infused Chicken tikka and olive skewers”, all these items are a sure hit to tickle the taste bud of your  invited guests

Chicken & Cheese kabab Corn & Cheese croquette Fish Gandharaj Tikkas Murgh Tulsi Tikka

Street Foods :

Be it Delhi , Mumbai or Kolkata, Street foods will always dominate over the heart of the people, especially chaats and snacks like Puchkas/ Paani puri/ Golgappas, Aloo tikki chhola to Masala Dosa, Momos are also hot favorites among people of kolkata

puchka_MG_0569 _MG_0587_MG_0596

Interactive cooking counter-

This one of the major attraction for the guests towards the food, as the guests get to interact with the chef at the live station and customise his or her food, interactive or live cooking counter can range from “Indian gharka Rasoi” counter to italian homemade pasta counter or oriental cuisines like burmese “khao suey” and Mongolian, There can be live grill or barbeque which is gaining its popularity among wedding caterings

kestopur 6 Best catering In kolkata for Live counter, la Fiesta

Do it yourself counter –

This is some concept where the guests gets to prepare food by them selve, something like Salad bar, sandwich bar, or a taco bar, The guest can customise their meals and show some cooking skills as well, this concept is often adopted in western country for a low budget wedding food menu where guests cook for them selve in an wedding, The same idea can be implemented with a chef stand by to guide the guests as how the food preparation can be done

Innovative Desserts –

Dessert is very important part of a meal, so when it comes to sweet tooth people tend to fuss over the varieties of dessert served in the wedding catering menu, Here we have ample opportunities to present to our guests with end number of varieties, Some fusions like gulab jamun cheese cakes to apple & cinnamon jalebi to lavender rabri, There are some international dessert counters like italia Symphony Some customised ice creams can also be served to make a big difference

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