How to Arrange a Bengali Party with the Best Catering Services in Kolkata?

If you have chosen a better caterer for every occasion, this ensures that your guests receive delicious food according to their personal taste. If you are hosting a wedding in a Bengali area like Kolkata city, look for quality Bengali catering in Kolkata to ensure that your guests are served with quality food.

Importance of sweets

Bengali pastries are an essential part of any party. Better to ask your wedding caterer to prepare rasgulla, mishtidoi and sandesh for your party. This is the choice of all Bengalis and we hope you can attract your friends and guests who also come from abroad to attend this auspicious event. Barfis, Halwas, Namkeens and Ladoos are some of the common Benagli cakes that make all of their properties shine.

bengali sweets

Bengali food is incomplete without fish

If you’re throwing a party and you’re of Bengali descent, you’re bound to love fish. All your friends, relatives and guests are likely to see delicious fish food at every event. So instruct your wedding caterer to prepare the dish according to the fish recipe. Love fish in Bengali and why you shouldn’t offer your favorite food to your party guests. In fact, rice and fish are popular staples in Bengal.


There must be something special for pure vegetarian guests

If you want to have a party where everyone gets their choice of food, make sure you have food for people who like vegetarian food. No guest had a hard time finding vegan dishes on the table. Wedding vendors must prepare sweet treats for strict and pure vegetarians. Bengalis have a particular fondness for vegetables and also eat chapatis.

veg items

Add flavor to some other local foods and snacks

It is a good idea to include a variety of cuisines from different states of India. You can choose one or several favorite dishes from several states of India and make your wedding very special. North Indian, South Indian and Gujarat specialty recipes, Maharashtra can add richness to your functions. For a mild taste, you can add puchka, jhal-muri, singharas, kachaouri, momo and all kinds of fried products to your food.


Keep all caterers clean and on time

A well-decorated party company is expected of every host. You are no exception. People should enjoy the recipes and appreciate the cleanliness and décor of the place. In summer, your wedding caterer should have a suitable place in the tent for ventilation, and in winter you should take care to warm the climate.

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January 2024