How to Arrange Destination Wedding in 2021?

planning for destination wedding

Indian wedding and social distancing are like two opposite words. The vastness of enjoyment, the mass gathering, and celebration, the rituals; none of it go with new normal easily. Yet people have managed to go with the flow and chosen to be aware for the sake of good health. Destination Wedding is now the trendy wedding option. The Wedding Planners in Kolkata suggest it to be the easiest solution in recent times, keeping the guest list precise and the ceremonies safe.

The cost of destination weddings in and around Kolkata would usually range between 50000/- to 10000/- depending upon the demands regarding the arrangement. Apart from its catering business, La Fiesta gives quality service in Wedding Planning in Kolkata. In its experience of arranging for numerous wedding ceremonies, La fiesta has testified many wedding locations and wedding dealers. We are listing down some amazing but affordable venues for Destination Wedding –

  1. Lake Land Country Club.
  2. Camelia Hotel and Resorts.
  3. Country Club.
  4. The Elgin Fairlawn.
  5. The Fort Raichok on the Ganges.
  6. Aquatica Luxury Roads.
  7. The Vedic Village
How to Arrange Destination Wedding in 2021

Steps to be followed in organizing a destination wedding:

  • Prepare a Rough Budget – Before deciding further about the wedding, first, you need to draft a budget depending on the destination, travel expenses and how much do you want to spend on ceremonial arrangements, decoration, and catering, etc. Having a clear perspective on the budget helps in spending wisely and deciding whether to take a loan or not. Consulting with Wedding Planners and Wedding Caterers in Kolkata can assist you in making decisions.
  • Decide for the Theme – Everyone wants their wedding to be special. All of us have our own unique wishes for our special days. Decide if you want a vintage touch celebration or a western classy theme party. You may even go for a Royal Ambience for your wedding to be Royal type. La fiesta as one of the Best Wedding Planners in Kolkata can guide you to your decision and arrange each and every detail even better than your dreams.
  • Create a Precise Guestlist – Destination Weddings anyway have a shorter guest list considering only the near and dear ones. It is best nowadays in order to conduct a safe and secured celebration.
  • Finalize the Menu – Even for a shorter Guestlist, people get quite perplexed on deciding on the menu as it gets the main attraction of the mass. Most Wedding Catering in Kolkata focuses on few common starters and main course items but they ultimately don’t blend well in the all-over menu. Moreover, the menu fails to satisfy every sort of guest. La Fiesta with its extremely efficient team of chefs and staff (who have catered in Taj Bengal) gets well with every occasion and manages to make each and every guest happy with their unique style of presenting a menu and serving it. Being in the list of Best Wedding Caterers in Kolkata La Fiesta can cope up with any location and cater to a destination wedding like none other. From ceremonies – attending a mass at once to individual door-to-door service our team can handle everything effectively.
  • Special Arrangements – Destination Weddings are special. So should be its arrangement. Special Wedding Catering in Kolkata may include a bid Wedding Cake, party drinks, sweet distribution, etc. On the other hand, in terms of Wedding Planning in Kolkata, a music DJ arrangement is now on-trend. Mask party is also great.

Things to note: –

  • It is better to plan for weddings as early as possible. Best to have more or less 1 year in hand.
  • Make bookings and shopping at least 3 months ago. And follow up with the bookings and dealers from time to time.
  • If you do not have much time before the wedding, then don’t go for detailed arrangements or a big guest list.
  • A venue must accommodate well the number of guests.
  • Follow up on proper sanitary measures and make sure the manager and staff of the venue arrange the same.
  • Decide the menu considering enough for vegetarians and nonvegetarians. Better to have more items that can be enjoyed by both.
  • Consult with experts before finalizing.
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