How to Certify that Corporate Caterers Serve Healthy Food?

healthy food

The importance of good quality food is the key to any successful event be it a wedding, birthday parties, small get together, corporate event, etc. The charm of the décor, the clothes, the venue, etc. will fade away from the minds of the people but the taste of the food will always be remembered. Therefore it becomes important to hire the best corporate caterers in Kolkata that focus more on hygiene and quality food. But how do you certify that corporate caterers in Kolkata serve healthy and hygienic food? Well, outlined below are a few things that you can ask your caterer or check out their existing work to understand how serious they are about hygiene and quality.

  1. Transportation of the food: It becomes very important for the caterer to keep the vehicles in which they transport the food clean and hygienic. Besides this, wrapping the food with transparent food-grade transparent plastic and keep it separately than the other items that are being transported along with it. It also becomes important to keep raw foods and ready-to-eat food separately to avoid cross-contamination. The best corporate caterers in Kolkata should understand to use refrigerated vehicles in case of perishable food items or for the food items that can turn bad due to the climatic conditions.
  2. Storage of food: Storage of the food plays a pretty important role to avoid any food contamination that can happen due to weather, animals, and also due to people. While storing the food, ensure that you place the food at least 45 cms above from the ground to avoid its contact with the impurities of the ground. To reduce the chances of food poisoning it becomes important to control the food temperatures i.e. store the cold food below 8-degree Celsius whereas the hot food should be kept above 63-degree Celcius. After the end of the event, the left-over food should be thrown away and it should not be used or reheated for use the next day.
  3. Washing facilities and water supply: Unfiltered or unpurified water is the primary cause of many diseases. Therefore it is very crucial for the corporate caterers in Kolkata to use purified or mineral water to cook food and wash the utensils. The plates, cooking utensils,vegetables, etc should be washed properly before use. There should be enough provision of washing facilities or water supply at the venue and if not a temporary one should be created.
  4. Personal hygiene: The catering staff should be given basic training on personal hygiene as a primary step to focus on quality. Washing hands before cooking, food handling, after the use of washrooms, etc becomes important. Besides this wearing clean clothes, footwear, aprons, etc. is also very crucial. These simple things not only adds to the repute of the caterer but also ensures quality.

corporate caterer healthy food

So, while hiring the top caterer in Kolkata for your corporate event, ensure to ask questions related hygiene, food safety, food storage, etc. that can give you a proper idea whether the caterer will be able to deliver quality on the day of the event.

January 2024