How to Customise Your Wedding Catering Menu According to Your Guests’ Food Preferences?

In a big fat Indian wedding, everything is about sharing the enjoyment with everyone in the family and friends. In India, a wedding does not only indicate the assimilation of two hearts but two families and it is believed to be the biggest event in someone’s life. Naturally, in a weekly celebration like a wedding, they want everything to go perfect; pleasing every guest, cherishing every color, and enjoying every moment. From the looks of the bride and groom to the foods on the occasion, all of it must seem appealing to everyone present to share the joy. Often, most people get confused about deciding the right sort of Catering and have to think too much before finalizing the menu, considering the grandness of the occasion. Here are some tips from LA Fiesta Caterers on how to customize your wedding Catering menu according to your guests’ food preferences:

  • Diversity in Starters

The guests invited, may have many preferences. And most of the time people go with some common tasty items that can be enjoyed by all. But if your guests’ list is a bit long and diverse, then Caterers suggest including more options with a greater variety of flavors. With some veg or non-veg crispy fried balls, you can keep some cookies or pasta so that guests from all age groups can enjoy. If some are reluctant to have early or sweet food items then arrangements of a few bowls of soup will be appreciated much.

Customise Your Wedding Catering Menu According to Your Guests’ Food Preferences
  • Set the Main Course menu with greater options

In most of the grand celebrations, the main course happens to have a lot of variety, especially in India. The Caterers usually set the menu in a way so that both nonveg and veg lovers can relish the food. Rice or pulao is common in a platter. It can be accompanied by Malai Kofta, Kaju Paneer, Butter Chicken, or Mutton Kasa. Adding another set of Mughal cuisine with food items as Naan kulcha or Rumali Roti with Bhature or Dum Aloo completes the plate. Having such variation in the menu comforts the spice lovers as well as those who do not prefer spice much.

  • A Couple of Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola has been widely used on many occasions by Caterers over several places. Some fruit juices can go well along with that. Ice creams are mostly served in summer seasons but they are most cherished by children. So, a combination of these three surely would design a delightful wedding ceremony dessert option.

  • Traditional Desserts

According to professional Caterers, this is the last but not the least part of the event. In India, with so many diverse cultures and even more diverse sweet lovers, it becomes tricky to pick a few that can do the whole work. In LA Fiesta Catering Services, we suggest having a good variety of dessert items. Some sweet, juicy stuff like Rasmalai or Rasgulla with Mishti Doi or Raita and other a bit dry, waterless items like Sandesh and Gajar ka Halwa are mouth-watering desserts that can make a sweet ending with the Ceremony.

Following these variations, all the guests belonging to several preferences can be impressed wholeheartedly and will celebrate your special day giving away all the blessings and good wishes. Because food can definitely win hearts.

January 2024