How to Select the Best Caterer in Kolkata for your Event?

How to Select the Best Caterer in Kolkata for your Event?

Catering service is one of the most important things at an event because it only can amend or ruin a party depending upon the food quality and Serving by Staff. The grand decor and ravishing bridal outfit or glorious photoshoots will not be worth remembering if the scattering and arrangement do not impress the invitees. Thus, when you are organising an event in Kolkata, be it a wedding ceremony, corporate get together, birthday party, or any other event you must check and double-check on some criteria before hiring one of the reputed caterers in Kolkata. Finding top catering service in Kolkata among much high competition may be hard but not impossible. La Fiesta has spoken to many caterers and event managers over the years and came up with the following look for points:

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  • Make a Draft on your needs and budget and observe the responsiveness of the Caterers: You must prepare a rough scribbling of your needs and your budget over the number of guests to expect the right plan afterward from an experienced caterer. The initial conversation is important as the prospect of the catering company is shown by how interested they are and how they can work on the budget. When you are meeting caterers in Kolkata, do not just rely on empty words but also verify how they can deliver fresh and quality food in their service.
  • Review their work: A Top Catering service in Kolkata is bound to have definite and good online reviews and testimonials. Go through their official websites to check on their experiences. Moreover, if you can directly connect with one of their service receivers, that will assist you to get the best information.
  • Check on their Flexibility regarding Menu options: Many caterers in Kolkata can be great with their standard menus. But if you want the menu to be a combination of varieties then first consult with the caterer about their possible flexibility to adopt a customized menu. Only an experienced company like La Fiesta, which has been in the industry providing top catering service in Kolkata can provide a flexible menu with multiple options. In such a case, experience matters.
  • Experience with the Venue: It is important to note that the caterer you are hiring has any working experience with the preferred location. The distance that is going to be covered to deliver the service better not be much because the greater the distance, the lesser the come for the staff to perform actively.
  • Scope for Tastings: Confident and proficient caterers in Kolkata would leave a scope to taste some of the cuisines to prove themselves to be trustworthy for the event. Do not shy away from evaluating before carrying away the cost.
  • Caterers Certification: A catering company must be certified. If you want to arrange a cocktail/drinking bar in your event, it is crucial to verify if they have insurance to serve alcohol or not.
  • Chef and Kitchen Staff: The chef and kitchen staff at the backbones of the caterers in Kolkata. Thus, testifying their backgrounds can be most significant in selecting a top Catering Company.

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