Know The Latest Catering Trends in Kolkata with La Fiesta Catering Services

Know The Latest Catering Trends in Kolkata with La Fiesta Catering Services

Catering is essential for all types of parties and events. Smart planning keeps costs down without compromising the standards we need when throwing a party. We celebrate moments of our life with friends, family and relatives and this is mostly done by throwing parties. If you follow the latest trends in catering, your party will be unforgettable. Well-groomed catering with a warm welcome from guests is the most important ingredient for a successful meeting. Best Catering Services in Kolkata follows the latest trends for every major occasion in your life.

Cheap favourite menu is very popular

It focuses on items that are cheap but taste good and are a part of any party. Catering services do their best by offering cheaper but no less delicious ingredients as an important part of the menu. Needless to say, they serve all of these dishes in an imaginative way.

All drinks served in one place

The full bar is now obsolete. A new way is to serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks in the same place for the best flow. Champagne and wine remain on the menu but are not served at other counters. Different types of lemonade, cold drinks and juices are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young guests.

Healthy eating is the main thing

Health is wealth that all good party caterers follow. Spicy foods are replaced with chicken, fish, seafood, peas and vegetables. Regional seasonal fruits and vegetables are now finding a place on the plate. They are much cheaper than imported off-season materials. The best caterers in Kolkata add Bengali dishes to a diet rich in nutrients.

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Round table organization

Lunch together is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, people only meet on this occasion, so they like to chat while eating at such places, so caterers set the dining table at parties. Reducing the number of kart and boat personnel to a minimum. It also reduces queues at the counter.

Desserts are small bites

Dessert is always a part of the meal. In fact, sweets are still an important part of today’s diet, but with a slight change in the way, they are served. Recent trends have focused on small individual sweet bites as opposed to more outdated full-size offerings such as large candy pieces. Bite-sized offerings are much more economical and less wasteful because people eat several bites at once on a plate rather than one large portion, in contrast to the old, wasteful catering styles.

Combination of ice cream with different flavours

Ice cream is very important at the party today. Therefore, caterers should also serve in your function. Ice cream and soft drinks are served in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, floral and fruity. Vendors in Kolkata use local flavoured ice cream on plates to make the party more ethnic.

This latest catering trend keeps you moving with the world. La Fiesta Catering Services – the best caterers in Kolkata always offer the customers an economical service combined with modern standards.

May 2024