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The idea of catering services is changing by and large in kolkata, so is the style and service of caterings. With the introduction of new specialty and multi cuisine restaurants in the city the taste buds of people are changing, people are becoming more accustomed to others cuisines not only from other parts of India but also from around the world, Greek & Lebanese Swarma pita bread rolls are taking place of Egg, chicken & Mutton rolls, Kentucky Fried Chicken is taking place of chicken cutlet, Italian Foods are no longer merely pizzas, people are trying it all.

At the same time we like preserve our tradition at our family gathering by offering our guests with our traditional authentic Bengali foods

At La Fiesta we like to bridge the gap between traditional cuisines and the global cuisines in our catering services

We try to bring about a twist in taste of our traditional cuisines and maintain an optimum standard for our clients

The age old catering services are not same at La Fiesta, Client’s satisfactions is of utmost importance to us and we making our mark significantly well in the market with our quality and excellent service to our clients.


You all know that food and service are two of the most important factors that can either...
Catering is undoubtedly the most important part of your event as the guest will...

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