Pandemic Wedding Safety Measures that We Should Follow

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It is known to all of us, that the Covid outbreak in India was initially incited by the huge gathering at weddings. Now, when the pandemic has taken a toll, all of us are aware of the necessary rules that only can prevent the spread of this virus. Catering Service in Kolkata is also meant to abide by all the rules and precautions for the sake of each and every citizen of the country.

La Fiesta here, shares some significant safety measures that you should consider in order to have a safe and secured celebration.

Incorporate a Proper Planning

  • Make it an Intimate Party with a Smaller Guestlist: Invite only those who truly care about the health and safety of everyone attending the celebration, rather than those who only care for enjoyment.
  • If necessary, make most of it Virtual and Parcel the Feast: If you can’t avoid a huge guest list, then go digital. Organize a big screen to connect with the well-wishers and let them send away virtual blessings. But definitely for the food, the Best Wedding Caterers in Kolkata can arrange to parcel for numerous virtual invitees, keeping all unharmed.
  • Venue and Arrangement: Venue, is better to be outside and well ventilated. Make sure it is spacious and try to skip the AC. Moreover, as per the proposal of La Fiesta, the Best Wedding Caterers in Kolkata, it is more prudent to split the celebration over lunch and dinner.
  • Menu, Cuisine, and Serving: While deciding the menu, excluding the food items that may require one to use hands on it. With years of experience in Catering Service in Kolkata, the caterers of La Fiesta can guide you in choosing the right menu in this pandemic with simpler cuisine and super quality food. And yes, certainly avoid buffet system for serving to limit the risk. Have a distanced seating arrangement allowing incoming guests to sit in batches. Make sure your Caterers follow all the sanitary measures, including the use of clean aprons, gloves during cooking and serving. And keep the cooked food covered.
pandemic wedding safety measures

Steps to follow during the Event

  • Precautionary Checking and Instructions for Guests

Adopt Thermal Screening for checking up the arriving guests and Catering staff. Notify them through an advisory board to follow precautionary actions like opening their shoes and sanitizing themselves before entry. Leave one or two volunteers to watch over at the entrance.

  • Use Disposable Stuff

Try using disposable things in serving, like disposable crockery and cutlery, paper cups and plastic spoons, etc. To reduce the potential of infection to its minimum. You will find many in the Catering Service in Kolkata adopting this measure.

  • Necessary Sanitary Measures

Arrange adequate number of gloves and tissues, drop the rule of wearing mask to be unavoidable for each and every guest. Please enough numbers of trash bins at enough locations. Frequently sanitize the commonly touched areas and arrange sanitizers stands at several places.

Following these measures, the joy of our wedding ceremony can still be intact in this pandemic situation. Remember the post-party cleanup and sanitation is also essential. But La Fiesta, as the Best Caterers in Kolkata takes up all the responsibility to itself. Our team is prepared to take up all the precautionary measures before, during, and after any event. So that, you can enjoy your special day.

May 2024