Planning a Budget Wedding with La Fiesta for Upcoming Wedding Season

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Planning an Indian wedding is anyway a long-term work. Following the number of events and their arrangements takes up much thinking and re-thinking in order to fit all desires and finance in one box. In India, the Wedding season follows the festival of Diwali and therefore the excitement continues to be at its peak. The few winter months pose all favorable conditions for celebrating wedding ceremonies. So, the wedding industry is super busy in these months and as demand is high the rates usually do raise. La Fiesta brings out ways to celebrate your wedding within your budget even in this costly wedding season.

Being one of the top wedding caterers in Kolkata, La Fiesta has gained all wedding-related knowledge and established connections through years of experience. Moreover, La Fiesta also works as a reliable source for wedding planning; playing the roles of both Wedding Planners and Wedding Caterers significantly well. We ensure quality service at a reasonable price.

Planning a Budget Wedding with La Fiesta for Upcoming Wedding Season
  • Decide a Financial Range: It is hard to pick a figure when it comes to wedding budgets but having a range set is necessary. First, have an idea about wedding expenses. Prioritize those which are important – like food and shopping then make decisions on adjusting over other arrangements.
  • Number of Events: Indian weddings have a number of events starting from Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi Ceremony to Wedding and Reception. Performing some events at home can cut a huge cost. And as much as food service is under question, the La Fiesta team can deliver optimum Foodservice even at home. Along with providing the best wedding catering in Kolkata, we assist in deciding on the food arrangements, connect you to the right wedding vendors so that you can give your guests a good time without hurting your pocket.
  • Keep the Guestlist Precise: It is meaningless to make a long Guestlist. Also, with the covid restrictions, it is more preferred to invite a justified number of people according to the venue.
  • Finalize a Venue: Now on Wedding Seasons, all the wedding venues hold a high rate. So, top caterers in Kolkata always suggest booking the wedding venue at least 3-4 months before the date. And also, it is wiser to set a wedding date on weekdays because we usually have seen the rates go higher on weekends. Moreover, if you can host both the Wedding Ceremony and its Reception at the same Venue, it may reduce the cost with a higher discount.
  • Finalize Catering: Food is the prime thing the gusts of your wedding ceremony would be attentive to. So, it is advised not to compromise with the food and decide on the best wedding menu. With La Fiesta, you will witness the best wedding catering in Kolkata. Molding any amount of budget into the perfect platter of flavors the efficient cooking team of La Fiesta can guide you to choose the best food items that go with the season and with the ceremony. Our team has reliable sources to arrange a delightful evening at a reasonable cost. With La Fiesta wedding caterers, you can totally focus on other important things without worry.
  • Shopping and Decor: If you want to reduce your costs, it is feasible to do prior shopping in the off-season cause prices of the same things go high after Diwali. When it comes to Decor, go with the seasonal flowers. La Fiesta Wedding Planners organize everything with beauty and care.

After a year of negativity let this year be a ray of hope for you and your family. This wedding season, don’t let the thought of expenses put a hold on your desires.  This wedding season can be the reason for your lifetime happiness. With the best wedding catering in Kolkata and the best wedding planner in Kolkata, this can be your perfect time to get married.

January 2024