Preparation of “Pathuri Machh” ( Fish in Banana Leaf) a Bengali delicacy




Bengalies are very fond of Fishes and particular about the quality of the Fish, Bengalis are also very unique in  their Fish preparations, if it is for any Bengali catering in any occasion like wedding/ Marriage/ Annaprasan (Baby’s first Rice-eating ceremony)/ “Shaad” (Bengali ritual for feeding of a pregnent woman)/ “Matso Mukh” (last ritual performed for demised) their first priority should be the quality of the fishes and the preparations of them, Many traditional Bengali families prefer Fish & Prawn to Mutton and Chicken  in their Wedding/Marriage Catering Menu for treating their guests

Among all other great Bengali Fish preparations “Pathuri Machh” (Fish in Banana Leaf) is very popular, there are varieties of fishes used for this preparation and most commonly used Fishes are “Illish” (a Fish from herring family), “Chingri” (Shrimp) and Vetki (Baramundi)

Below is the picture of “Vetki Pathuri” cooked La Fiesta style

Vetki pathuri for Bengali Wedding Catering

Ingredients used for preparation “Vetki Pathuri” at La Fiesta:

1) Good quality of Vetki Fish fillet Cut into cube – 1 Kg

2) White mustard seeds – 2 table spoon

3) Black mustard seeds – 1 table spoon

4) Poppy seeds – 1 table spoon

5) Freshly Grated coconut – 1/4 cup

6) Whole cumin seeds – 2 table spoon

7) Green Chili paste – 1 table spoon

8) Turmeric powder – 1 table spoon

9) Sugar – 1 tea spoon

10) Mustard oil – 500 ml

11) Salt to taste

12) secret seasonings

13) Banana Leaf for wrapping

14) Wooden toothpicks

Vetki Pathuri marinade for wedding catering

For marination:

Grind white mustard, black mustard, poppy seeds, freshly grated coconut, cumin seeds into a smooth paste. In a medium size container mix the vetki fish with the paste, add green chili paste, add turmeric powder, add sugar,add salt, secret seasoning added, add 100 ml of mustard oil and mix well, keep the marinade aside


Cut the banana leaves into square shape big enough to wrap the fish completely, now wilt all the cut banana leaves on open fire to make it more pliable, arrange the leaves on a surface and put marinaded fish in the leaves as shown in the picture

fish pathuri for catering

wrap the fish and fix it with wooden toothpicks

Now on a large skillet heat the remaining mustard oil and fry the the fish wrapped in banana leaf turning it until the leaves turn black

fish pathuri

There is another popular method of cooking the fish pathuri and that is steaming method, The taste of the item vary in the way the “Fish Pathuri” is prepared, Steam rice is the best accompaniment with the dish

vetki pathuri for catering in Kolkata


January 2024