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Our social media presence in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and other media platforms. Get updated of the latest catering ideas with La Fiesta Catering Service. As being one of the best catering in Kolkata, La Fiesta provides wide range of services. Excelling in wedding catering, catering to corporate events, Office Parties, Picnics, small get together – La Fiesta team can arrange and treat on any occasion and is flexible to both indoor and outdoor venues. Our chefs having served in the Taj Bengal possess supreme knowledge regarding this business, following which we have catered to numerous big occasions successfully and acclaimed recognition in town. We are known for our highest quality food in a cost effective package. Indian, Continental, Chinese or Mexican; La Fiesta Caterers are skilled in any sort of cuisine.


We are listed as one of the top wedding caterers in Kolkata with the best services that fit well in your pocket. Being one of the best caterers in Kolkata we provide with high quality food and beverages in a clean and hygienic system. So contact us if you want to hire a professional caterer in Kolkata today.

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La Fiesta Catering Services began its operations since 2012 and it is the best Catering Company in Kolkata constituted by a group of experienced professionals with a vision of amplifying extraordinary culinary skills across ceremonies and other corporate occasions with captivating hospitality.