The Best Summer Wedding Menu That’ll Hold Up in the Heat & Keep Guests Cool!

The Best Summer Wedding Menu That'll Hold Up in the Heat & Keep Guests Cool!

Are you planning to tie your knot this summer but a bit confused about the summer wedding menu? Well, La Fiesta Catering Service is standing here to give you ultimate shore on your wedding day within your budget.  Yes, you are listening correctly! The wedding is one of the most significant days of our lives. This is the one day when we plan way ahead of time. We plan things in a way to make everything looks simply perfect on our special day. And it is not just you! Everyone likes to daydream about our special day. La Fiesta is one of the best catering services in Kolkata that turns your dream into truth. From Starter to Desert we take care of all the things flawlessly that bring a smile to your guests’ faces during this scorching hot summer.

The selection of wedding menus is quite tough on summer days. There are so many things to consider, from plated dinner to a buffet-style reception menu, you need to look after everything, including the nutritional value of the cuisine. Spicy and messy dishes during summer can be the reason for health hazards. So pick out the best reception menu suitable for summer from our varied options. Let us have a look at our ambrosial nourishment for a summer wedding night :


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Lassi Shot  (Mango/ Sweet Rose / Salted )

There is a deep relationship between summer and Lassi. It not only helps to keep you cool but also assists with indigestion. It makes with homemade Dahi. To get instant relief from torrid summer, Lassi is the best option for your wedding menu. Start your reception menu with Lassi and make your guests happy.


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Dahi Vada

It’s a super cooling chat during summer. Though it is a completely authentic south Indian dish gladly accepted across the nation. It is cooked with lentils and formed as a dumpling. Soaked in yogurt sauce with tamarind and mint chutney make it delicious, rather moth watering as a summer chat. Keep it in your reception menu to give your Bengali wedding a south Indian tangy flavor.


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Pepper Lamb

Lamb is a healthy and nutritious food that should be on your summer reception menu. It is light to digest and for non-vegetarian guests, it is something different as well as attractive. It is simply cooked with black pepper with a South Indian stir. If you wanna add an extraordinary burst to your starter menu from the best catering service near you then must go for Pepper Lamb from La Fiesta

Paneer Tikka

Hey paneer lovers! Here is a presentation by La Fiesta, labeled as the best catering service in Kolkata. This dish is for veg lovers and is totally a grilled appetizer for summer wedding guests.

Main Course

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Garlic Naan: Garlic Naan is tasty as well as non-spicy food that is perfect for the summer reception menu. It adds a smoky smell of Mughal tandoor. It is a heavenly combo followed by Garden Salad which is a green mixture of seasonal fruit and vegetables, added with a Mango Pickle. Less oily and spicy food with tantalizing taste is nowadays people wish to try in a wedding ceremony. Then why not you? 

Shahi Paneer is an appropriate side dish for Garlic Naan. It is a balanced cuisine with the utility of mixed fruits. Loads of protein and less fat attract food lovers towards it. Dishes cooked by an expert chef from the best catering service is always blissful for food lovers. 

Vegetable Navaratna Pulao: It is an excellent presentation of rice along with varied vegetables. A complete healthy diet for summer occasions. Like biriyani and fried rice, here usage of oil is very less. So are you thinking to add this awesome dish to your reception menu? 

For veg lovers, Malai Kofta( Veg ) is the right pick with pulao. here you will have all the taste of cheesy delight. for a summer wedding menu, a little taste of cheese is perfect happiness after all. 

And for nonveg lovers, Mutton Rogan Josh (Non-Veg) can be the foremost choice. Though it is a little spicy. This Kashmiri cuisine cooked in yogurt and tomato sauce is a complete ecstasy besides pulao. 

In the last part, Green Mango Chutney tossed with Papadam can pack up your dinner with a smile on your special day. Swear if you hire La Fiesta, the top catering service in Kolkata, you will not have a chance of disappointment.  


desert (ice cream)

The last but most awaited part of the wedding is the desert. You can make your guests happy with their favorite plate of the desert. Put something alluring on this plate. Firni, a pure Afghani relish can make your D day more glorious followed by Hot Gulab Jamun and Ice Cream (Parlour).

So do not be worried about your special day when La Fiesta Catering service is with you to serve you the best. Stop your search here and hire the best catering service in Kolkata for the best summer special wedding menu for your D day! 

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