Tips to Choose Best Catering Services for Corporate Events

Corporate Catering Services in Kolkata

Corporate events facilitate employee engagement strategy through team building seasons and also play an important role to boost morale, alleviate creativity, and improve the work culture of the company. But planning a corporate event is not as easy as it looks, it requires a hell lot of planning but the most important thing is the food. As there are people from every walk of life and with different dietary restrictions, it becomes hard to finalize the right menu. Here the role of professional catering services for the corporate party comes into the picture.  But as there are a plethora of options available in Kolkata, it becomes difficult and confusing to select the right corporate caterer.

Outlined below are a few tips that can come handy for you to select the best catering services for a corporate party.

  1. Fix the budget first: Before you start planning for the corporate event you must ascertain the budget first. How much is the company willing to spend on the venue, décor, food, and other team-building activities. Based on the budget you will have to ascertain the budget for each section, as it will help you to start your planning on the right track. Meet the caterers who are in your budget and discuss the details of the event.
  2. Headcount is important: Before you start meeting the caterers it also becomes important to ascertain an approximate headcount, as some caterers may be good for small get-togethers whereas some may be efficient enough to handle big crowds. In this way, you can narrow down the options and focus only on those who can meet your requirements.
  3. Planning the food menu: As there are people with different cultures working in a corporate environment, it becomes important to select the food varieties that can cater to all the employees right from junior to the senior-most position. Also if you have employees coming from other countries, you’ll have to meet their requirements. Besides this, the biggest barrier here is dietary restrictions, i.e. people who only eat gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian food. So it becomes important to consider all the points and then start planning your food menu with the caterers you have narrowed down.
  4. Quotation: You can ask the different caterers to send their detailed quotation based on the menu options you have selected. You can exchange the food menu that you have finalized with different caterers and see what quote you are getting from others. This will allow you to compare the quotes and shortlist the ones that are within your budget. While comparing the quote also check if the table linens, cutlery, food counter displays, etc. have been included in the quote as you don’t want an additional bill after the event.

It is also important that you consider the reputation and experience of the top caterers in Kolkata. Besides this, also check whether the caterer can efficiently work in the new place and have all the necessary licenses to operate, as you don’t want any glitches on the day of the event.

May 2024