Tips to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with The Best Wedding Catering in Kolkata

Tips to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with The Best Wedding Catering in Kolkata

The weather around the city is windy and cold, people have started taking out the warm clothes and the season of weddings has begun. With the fall of winter, more hands are united, more families are connected and more lifetime memories are created. Winter definitely is the best season for weddings yet people fail to read its easiness. They unknowingly choose to set it with ordinaries while totally being unaware of the extra ordinaries. The best wedding catering in Kolkata is way beyond these limitations and better at taking the right advantage of the time.

Most people accept seasonal weddings to be costly as for the high demand for everything that is crucial for wedding ceremonies. But best things can still be put in the budget if put on the right path.

Tips to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with The Best Wedding Catering in Kolkata

Top Tips to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable:

  • Choice of Venue: The venue better not be open this winter. Choose a large, closed place, better be a banquet for your winter wedding. If you are interested, you can throw both your wedding ceremony and reception party at the same Venue to reduce the cost of it. It is definitely advised by the wedding caterers to book the venue as early as possible.
  • Decorating the Venue: In the winter season, flowers can be easily available; so it is feasible to use maximum flowers in decoration. Though Marigold is common at Indian weddings lily and jasmine are also impressive options. Now flowers are nothing if you can’t light them up. Using Candles in some space can look gorgeously aesthetic. Moreover, you can create a lighted area with artificial chain lights and make beautiful patterns in the wedding zone or the buffet area.
  • Keep your Guests Warm: Pull off winter fabrics for the curtains or use them as Sofa covers and Cushion covers. It can comfort your guests this winter. With years of experience in wedding catering in Kolkata, we also suggest making sitting arrangements around the fireplace if possible.
  • Colour: Peach, powder blue, lavender are colors of winter. One can make easy and glamorous uses of them.
  • Live Food Counters: In the cold weather, people love live Food Counters serving hot foods. Tea, coffee, and Pakodas are common for all wedding catering. However, the best Wedding Caterers in Kolkata suggest including a Barbecue counter as it can be better than the impression of several Pakodas combined. Serving Hot Chocolate can raise the cost a bit but definitely Impress your guests the most.
  • Go with seasonal foods and sweets: As all Bengalis know, nalen Gur is totally loved in this season. Most wedding catering in Kolkata conveniently uses it for sweet dishes. Other than sweets Mutton Biryani or Mutton Chap can also be good for the main course menu.
  • Winter Vegetables:  the best Wedding Caterers in Kolkata say winter Vegetables like carrots, peas, and cauliflowers can be used to make lovely preparations. Or these can also be plated making a good to-eye salad palate.
  • Winter Styling: Fabric blazers, Lehengas, boots can call into fashion and catch eyes.

These tips can be thoroughly enjoyed this wedding season and make your wedding unique without hurting your pocket. La Fiesta wedding caterers are always available for further guidance and support. Catering to any budget and bringing out the best is what we strive for.

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