Top 5 Women Chefs Who Conquered the World with Culinary Skills

Indian Women are empowering themself with the power of cooking and changing the perspective in the food and hospitality industry. They are carving their names in this male-dominated field successfully with their expertise and fearlessness. Indian women are now known globally because they are not only cooking for their families but becoming an entrepreneur and running several known restaurants around the globe and feeding end number of people every day. They are using their cooking skills with leadership skills and delivering extraordinary results across the globe.

5 Top Women Chefs from India who conquered the culinary world are mentioned below:

  1. Ritu Dalmia is a well-known figure and a celebrity chef primarily because of her popular cooking shows on TV and co-owner of the acclaimed Italian restaurant chain in Delhi “Diva”. She is Kolkata Native and was awarded the “Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity” by the Italian government.  She is a self-taught chef who wrote many books and hosted cooking shows as well.

ritu dalmia

  1. Romy Gill grew up in West Bengal and became a chef with her own cooking skills. With the immense knowledge of the vivid food culture of India, she opened her first restaurant in England at the age of 41. She was appointed as an MBE in the Queen’s 90th birthday honors list in 2016.

romy gill

  1. Tarla Dalal is a name that is commonly used in every household. She is a known chef especially for her recipes which became a reference point for many homemakers in India. She wrote more than 100 cookbooks and also presented several cooking shows on television.

tarla dalal

  1. Another popular name is Shipra Khanna she is the winner of popular reality cooking show MasterChef India and after winning that show she became a popular name and hosted many television shows on channel Food Food. She followed her passion for cooking and made a space for herself in the culinary world.

shipra khanna


  1. Amrita Raichand is known for her recipe which is kid-oriented. She hosted many tv shows which featured kid-friendly recipes and she became popular with it. Her shows are mainly based on nutritious and healthy recipes for kids. She was a model who turned an actress and later became a chef by following her passion and inspired by mothers to cook delicious and healthy recipes for their kids. She is known for her show “mummy ka magic”.

amrita raichand

On this women’s day, we celebrate their success in every aspect of life. Without a woman our life is incomplete and we applaud the spirit of feminism.

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