Top Catering Ideas for a Wonderful Theme Party or Event

Grand parties and not just made with beautiful decors and dramatic music or exotic food items but with the guests enjoying all of it wholeheartedly. So, before deciding the best for the party you need to make an understanding of the guests. If most of your guests are your colleagues who you are in their 20s or 30s then the party should include more relaxing music with club-like lighting and few exotic dishes with sumptuous drinks would do great.

On the other hand, if your guest list is rather big and includes families of adults and kids, then Caterers in Kolkata, rather suggest having an open space banquet with a buffet system. For corporate events, food services and Catering in Kolkata provide aesthetic experience along with professional treatment.

La Fiesta with its experience of serving all types of events and occasions shares some ideas that you may incorporate in your process to make it extra special.

  • Food Stations

For any sort of Catering in Kolkata, food stations are the most convenient zone both for the caterers and the guests. To attract kids, there can be pasta corners or cookies and chocolate doughnuts. The coffee bar is another good option. Everyone loves to enjoy crispy fries like Chicken fingers potato fries etc. Now, you can swipe this with an extravagant drinks station on having a wild party with your friends and colleagues celebrating and dancing to loud music.

  • Appetizers and Main Course

As per the well-rated Caterers in Kolkata, appetizers better be bite-sized and offered from person to person in trays associated with napkins and food picking tools like toothpicks. They must be served hot and fresh. Mini tacos, Sushi, Savory Lollipops are quite popular choices.

Again, for the main course, you can have Indian foods for exotic American and Mexican Delicacies and seafood depending upon your guest list and event.

  • Decor and Lighting

It is totally based on the party theme or time of the day. It can go from grand decor with big royal lights to small ceiling fixtures. When you are in a party mood and want to have a disco feel, then small colorful moving disco lights are best reflecting minimal decor alongside least sitting arrangements. For an event on special occasions, lightings must be grand enough to reach all the corners as well as appearing impressive to attendees. Decor should also be aesthetic and devoid of multicolor patterns.

  • Games and Fun Sports

To maximize the enjoyment of people be it, adults or kids, some small games can be involved in the party like a musical chair or other Sports like tasting a food blindfolded and recognize the item. This may include prizes to increase the excitement regarding the event.

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May 2024