Top Five Wedding Menu Ideas That Fit in Your Budget

Top Five Wedding Menu Ideas That Fit in Your Budget

Hello Foodies! Is there any special wedding coming up in your family or are you gonna marry this summer? Whatever it is but the arrangements should not be averaged. Avail all advantages of the best Pocket-friendly catering service and make your very special moments more special. Team La Fiesta has brought customized platters to your budget. Here is a perfect guide for your destined day. So are you ready guys? Don’t let your valuable moments go while searching for the best wedding catering near me when we are ready here to serve you perfectly. Here we are going to discuss the top five budget wedding menu ideas that will surely rock your day without pinching your pocket. Let’s read :

Indian weddings are all about good food and picking up the appropriate dishes that you keep on the menu for your guests. Though it is one of the hardest tasks to pick up the right menu for the right guests this blog team La Fiesta will guide you on how to select the perfect budget wedding menu for your selected guests. If you are reading the entire blog then it is the assurance that with zero doubt you can welcome all the hurdles of your special day with a smiling face.

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First and foremost is whether the menu should be completely Indian or completely Chinese or else but don’t try a combined food. It will bring in more money. For an Indian Wedding, you can choose Fish fry instead of Paturi or can keep unique delicacies of chicken dishes instead of mutton. For a budget-friendly wedding, these are not only fantastic but fantabulous too. Basically, For an Indian wedding especially a Bengali wedding meat is the top most likely dish that is desired by all. So try some chicken cuisines and save a few bucks for a dream honeymoon.

In a budget wedding menu, try to use seasonal vegetables and fruits in place of cold stored veggies. From the healthy and hygienic corner also it’s helpful parallelly its reduces the budget. Suppose you are using stored mangoes in a winter wedding chutney instead of orange, or pomegranate. Fresh fruits and vegetables do not only increase the taste of the platter but in a wedding menu it gives a healthy beneficial effect. Indians are food and spice lovers but now they are changing their food habitats gradually.

Being a starter, Pies Kachuri is the perfect selection for a budget wedding menu. Waste of money on food sometimes cuts the budget for other expenses. If you are looking for a fresh starter then rumali roti and raita is a classy choice for a medium budget. For all these authentic experiences you must hire the best wedding caterer in Kolkata. Any other catering service will serve you undoubtedly but what they are going to serve that matters. There are many wedding caterers available in Kolkata now but no other is just like La Fiesta.

Vegetable curries are a vital part of any occasion. It can either make or break the dinner. This summer picks different dishes of potato or mixed vegetables to complete the menus. Our chefs are experienced enough to do varied experiments with seasonal vegetables. Proper use of spices is the key ingredient of any successful cuisine. In your reception menu keep something different but pocket friendly this summer.

Last but not the list, is the selection of dessert. Sweet-toothed people are waiting for this part but here you can manage your budget as per your pocket. Suppose you are selecting gulab jamoon in the place of rabri. You can save your money without unsatisfying your guests. Similarly, you could pick jalebi or chanar jalebi. So for a budget wedding, you can contact our team. The combination of experience and professionalism will surely make a miracle on your d-day.

Hurry up, guys! Have a blast at your wedding ceremony with the vibrant touch of team La fiesta, a successor unit of Zaroma Personalised LLP Service Limited. Because numerous catering services are available in the market but the best crater in Kolkata is only one and that is La Fiesta Catering Services.

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