Top Most Bengali Food Menus for Your Upcoming Wedding Ceremony

Food Menus for Wedding Ceremony

Are you planning your wedding soon and confused about the food menus for wedding ceremony? Then it is the time to chill. La Fiesta Catering Service has come to rock your wedding day with their wedding special treasure of food. Food brings glory to any type of occasion and a wedding is not out on the list! There was a time when members of a family used to organize all the things for a wedding. It was a hassle but some were joyful. Nowadays taking responsibility for any event is overall a headache for us! If you wanna wash out your headache then you must find the best catering service near you with a tantalizing menu and taste. La Fiesta is welcoming to have a look at their summer special wedding menu in Kolkata.

Here is the list of some top wedding menus to please your guests on your D day with La Fiesta, The Best Catering Service in Kolkata.

Let’s Start with Welcome Drinks:

Purple Delight

Summer is the perfect time to tie your knot with pleasant weather. Summer wedding season is on the way coming and Cold welcome drinks are the perfect delight to bring a smile to guests’ faces. Purple Delight is one of the best welcome drinks by our expert chefs. The freshness of black grapes and pomegranate works as a summer cooler. The drink is spiced with pepper black salt and cumin powder adding a subtle tang to complete the flavor. It is a recommendation to add this drink to your food menus for wedding ceremony.

Appetizer Non-Veg

Chicken Lat Mei Kai 

Now Bengali people are fond of different tastes apart from their authentic Bengali dishes. Whenever it is the term Chinese appetizer in your reception menu, the first name that will come is Chicken Lat Mei Kai. As a starter, it is perhaps the best one for your special day. It is more commonly used as diced chicken cooked in garlic, chili sauce, and tomato sauce. Maintaining a healthy diet is the perfect ambrosial dish to choose for your wedding menu. So guys book your date today and make your special moments remarkable with the special tastes of La Fiesta.

Main Course

After all the experimental fusion dishes, let us come to the main course where a Bengali wedding needs a pure authentication of “Bangaliana”. And if the question of Bengali main courses comes then first comes:

bengali food menu
  • Peas Kachauri: During summer the taste of pees in puri or kachauri brings a heavenly feel to the guests. It reminds us of the divine touch of our mother or grandmother. so Peas Kacauri or koraishutir kochuri can be the right one. 
  • Palak Paneer: is one of the leading healthy cuisines for a Bengali wedding. Palak and paneer combo is always desirable if it is tasty. And for the taste, you can keep faith in our experts. 
  • Cholar Daal: Lentil Daal with the addition of coconut is always famous among Bengalis, the craving for this food makes Bengali crazy. It is probably the best pair of Kacauri. 
  • Fish Butter Fry(non-veg): Fish Butter Fry is another perfect one after Daal along with 
  • Salad and Kasundi. Paneer Sutay:(veg) Paneer suttey is the best option for vegetarians .all are good enough to make your day if it is properly cooked. 
  • Basanti Polao: The flavor of saffron and Mitha Atar is the specialty of Basanti polao. A simple dish that can be a good pair of Bhetki Paturi to behold the authenticity. 
  • Bhetki Paturi; Bhetki paturi is a sentiment for the entire bengali. Nowadays it is the rarest one because of cost and originality. La Fiesta, the best catering service will parents the originality of bhetki and banana leaf to your guests within your budget. 
  • Doi Katla: The heavenly taste of Dahi and Katla Fish is a must-eat dish at Bengali weddings. 
  • Mutton Kasha(nonveg): is the old but iconic Bengali delicacy. Here you will have braised mutton with spices. it will melt in the mouth like malai. Here mutton will be slow-cooked on a medium-low flame. Give this recipe a try on your destined day. 
  • Chanar Dalna(veg); why will vegetarian guests be mourned during the wedding dinner? For them, chhanar dalna is the right pick up undoubtedly. 
  • Mango Chutney: During summer nothing will be more apt than a bowl of mango chutney for your guests. Go for it without a second thought. So enjoy your special moments with the best wedding menus in Kolkata and pick out the top authentic Bengali foods from our wedding menu card.


  • Rajbhog – All the fusion cuisines end with “Bangaliana”. Rasgulla or Rajbhog is the emotion of Bengalis. brings nostalgia. So make your guests happy with some Bengali tadka! That is Rajbhog. An out and out dessert for your food menus for wedding ceremony. 
  • Kheer Dahi – Summer and Kheer Dahi! It’s a blessing if real kheer Dahi is served on your plate. Rare to find but if La Fiesta is the catering service then don’t think of originality. Being shameless you have to ask for more and more.

What are you thinking now? Contact us soon and customize your wedding menu with our specialist chefs. To make your wedding ceremony memorable, dazzle with the best catering service near you. None other than La Fiesta Catering Service.

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